Your Place to Rest, Grow and Heal

Burnaby South Acupuncture Center is a Holistic Wellness Center Offering
Classical Acupuncture and Other Healing Modalities in City of Burnaby.

In the holistic point of view, lingering illness often has its role in your life. And the path of healing cannot discount such perspective.

It is my privilege to witness the transformation of my clients on their path of recovery. With acupuncture and Chinese medicine, I have helped clients overcome physical disability to fulfill their life mission. I have also helped clients going through emotional turmoil to find peace and strength again.

I genuinely believe balance, in its true sense, is the answer of all; the true nature of our authenticity, and the power center of miraculous healing.

If you are suffering from ailment and open to the possibility of natural healing, I welcome you to my acupuncture and Chinese medicine practice, a safe, effective, chemical free options for almost all health conditions.

I look forward in seeing you.