Our Approach

At Burnaby South Acupuncture Center, it is not about just restoring good health of our clients. Our vision is to educate everybody the true meaning of balance, where health and well being manifest naturally from our own authentic existence. All of our treatments are individualized; customize according to your need in the moment. With the holistic approach, we believe everybody is interconnected. That’s why on your path of recovery, we will be working together, as partner and friends. Our goal is not only for you to be sick free, but to have the growth and transformation to take control of your well being.

We believe in the holistic approach. We partner with physical therapists, chiropractors, massage therapist, and other health practitioner to achieve your health goal. Our method complement and support main stream medicine (allopathic medicine) just like them can support and complement our short coming.

Initial Evaluation & Treatment

Your first visit, which typically last for 60 – 75 minutes, will include a detail consultation where your health objectives will be discussed.  We will review your medical history, current symptoms and additional concerns. We will identify your imbalance using Chinese Medicine’s assessment methods, followed by acupuncture, or other therapies.

Following and Ongoing Treatment

Your follow up visit, which typically be 45 mins, will continue treatment to correct your body’s imbalance. However, Chinese medicine emphasise individualize treatment that custom according to each individuals. The treatment plan may change given the imbalance present has changed. It takes less time than the first session only because we have taken record and consideration of the medical history already.

I have seen other Acupuncturists before and I like Gary’s approach the most. Gary takes the body, mind, and spirit, all into consideration when he formulating his treatment plan. I think that is the right things to do as the healing experience is much deeper than the others acupuncture I had before. Highly recommended, a very pleasant transforming experiences



“Zhen Jiu” (adapting the translation “acupuncture” in the late 20th century), in my opinion, is still very poorly understood this day. Conventional wisdom suggests it is originated from China; Have approximately 3,000 years of histories; Uses tiny sterilised needles to stimulate the acupuncture points of the body. Such needle stimulations are mild and relatively painless. It changes the flow of “Qi” energy, restoring balance, and resulting in miraculous healing of the body.

Undoubtedly over simplify, such understanding does reasonably outlined the outlook (poking people with hair-fine needles) and benefits (leave the treatment getting better) of acupuncture. However, it is also the same over simplification leaving so many controversies about acupuncture. You may learn a more in depth perspective about acupuncture in my blog.

Acupuncture’s healing power lies within the interaction of the needle and a person’s holographic energy spiral. Such understanding precedes and goes beyond the anatomical basis and bio-chemical understanding that shapes pharmaceutical medicine. That’s why acupuncture, a lot of times, can benefits patients that is not satisfy with their pharmaceutical care.

To perform acupuncture, the practitioner must first identify the nature of the imbalance of a person’s energy spiral. There are various ways to evaluate such imbalance but classically speaking (base on Spiritual Pivot, a.k.a the acupuncture bible), the founding of the TCM pulse diagnosis can dictates the strategy of an acupuncture treatment.

Once a diagnosis is made, the practitioner can decide the treatment principles. The actual treatment will further customize according to the individual (preference or limitation of laying position, sensitivity of different point selections… etc) Patient normally get most benefit 48 hours after needling but seeing of immediate result happens frequently too.

Gary is exceptional. After trying everything under the sun for neck pain and tension headaches i can say that 1 session with gary has made a huge difference already. He is professional and knows what he is doing.



As the other main modality (other than acupuncture) under the Traditional Chinese Medicine umbrella, herbal medicine has a strong lineage from the rich history of Chinese Medicine. Just like human, a by product of earth (the planet itself) and heaven (the planet’s cosmos environment), mineral and plant also inherit the nature of earth and heaven. The difference is while mankind was claimed to be most balance (holistic) off spring of earth and heaven, plant and mineral inherit a constitutional imbalance. Such constitution imbalance allows them to be thrived in a specific environment (that offset its innate imbalance). It is also such innate imbalance that acts upon our body; counteract and neutralize the imbalance state we are in when we are ill and diseased.

Chinese herbal medicine alone can treat a large variety of ailments. It can be used alone or in conjunction with other medicine (e.g. acupuncture). Experiences prove that herbs are effective medicine when properly applied under the guidelines of TCM diagnosis.

At Burnaby South Acupuncture Centre, herbal medicine is available as compliment treatment for acupuncture. It serves as an additional correction force when one cannot commit in the required acupuncture treatment course. Herbal dispensing is outsourced to a qualify North Vancouver base herbal dispensing company, Bema Botanical Solution. They are GMP compliance with Canadian standard. Their products meet strict standards of purity, potency, and safety. All products are properly screened and free of aristolochic acid, pesticides, bacteria and heavy metal. Prescription will be made on your day of visit and shipped directly to your home in 2-3 business days.

I have been seeing multiple acupuncturists over the past 10 years. They helped with pain but never helped the underlying issues. I started going to Gary for treatment 2 years ago and within a few months my health was at a level it had never been at. It truly did change my life. Now I see Gary just for maintenance or pain relief if an injury occurs. Gary definitely knows what he is doing. I would recommend him to everyone.



Explain Energy Healing is always difficult. In the hierarchy of existence; phenomenon come before experiences; experiences come before recognition; recognition come before explanation. Our experiences are limited by our six sensing organs. Our recognition further are limited by our intelligence; And last but not lease, explanation are further limited by our language and our capacity to use it. When a technique work at the level of phenomenon, the moment I give it an explanation (which discounted at least three folds), the same moment I give out the wrong idea.

With that in mind, one really should not treat energy healing as medicine; where the later have a much more consistent behavior with much more limited application and the former one open infinite possibilities.

Having that said, one also should not simply discard energy healing because we cannot place it within our intelligent framework, especially when we can benefit from the open possibilities.

In Burnaby South Acupuncture Center, the technique we use for energy healing combine Matrix Energetic ®, Reiki and some other spiritual healing modalities. We dissolve existence and transform you during the process of reconstruction (sort of…).

Gary’s energy healings are remarkable! He has helped me, my daughter and our puppy with energy healing. Our puppy used to have a hacking and allergy issue and it is completely gone. My daughter and I had sessions for emotional balancing and I am very impressed with the results. I recommend trying, because it has made a remarkable difference for us.


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