Hay Fever & Acupuncture

Itchy eyes, nasal congestion, post nasal drip…

Yes, I am talking about hay fever and it can be seriously annoying.

After the long dark winter in Raincouver, when everybody finally catch a break in the beautiful sunny spring, people suffering from Allergic Rhinitis (Hay Fever) will catch no breaks.

That doesn’t has to be the case thou, with acupuncture, I help many of my clients suffering from hay fever to restore their balance. With a balanced energy body, a healthy and efficient immune system will not false alarm on harmless airborne pollen in the season; One no longer need to hide inside a concealed bubble to be symptom free.

While individuals do response differently, it is not rare to see clients that no longer response to medication have their symptoms (itchy red eye and congested nose) relieve after a single acupuncture session. And long lasting effect can be achieve and sustain if one complete the proper treatment course.



I came to see Gary for my nasal congestion. I still cannot believe that it actually works! After he inserted some needle into my forearms, I felt my nose started to get moist and in about ten minutes or so, it is no longer blocked. 
– A. K.

And the benefit is even more profound than just relieving symptoms. Unlike antihistamine, which intercept the allergic response when a person exposed to the allergens, acupuncture improve the whole body`s energy balance to achieve optimal health.

When your body is align with the universe (balance), it will not mistaken the spring pollen as harmful substances. You are also going to achieve your body`s full potentials, vitality, creativity, healing power and beauty.

If you know somebody (or perhaps personally) suffering from allergic rhinitis, and if such person are open to the possibility of natural healing. I encourage him/her to setup an appointment with me in one of my three convenient locations. Let`s all enjoy the beautiful spring.

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About the Author:
Gary Chan is a healer, Chinese Medicine teacher, author and speaker. He has been practicing acupuncture all over Metro Vancouver since 2006. Aside from holistic medicine, he also has passion about spirituality, mystic art, mathematics, and feline.
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