Your Place to Rest, Grow and Heal

Burnaby South Acupuncture Center is a Holistic Wellness Center Offering Classical Acupuncture and Other Healing Modalities in City of Burnaby. In the holistic point of view, lingering illness often has its role in your life. And the path of healing cannot discount such perspective. It is my privilege to witness the transformation of my clients […]

Chinese Medicine – The Answer from Heaven

10,000 years ago, our ancestor decided to look up into the sky and look for answer of life. Through astronomical observations, they found while the world is ever-changing, there is a pattern where things come back in full circle. The knowledge of heaven plus other inspiration allowed them discovered the way of life (Tao). Tao […]

Honored to be Voted Best Acupuncture 2019 by Consumer Choice Award.

Thank you for loving our services. Your confidence in our work is sincerely appreciated. I am truly honor and proud to be part of the team that was voted best acupuncturist by Consumer Choices Award 2019 for the whole Metro Vancouver Area and Surrey. Thank you for mom and dad for my handsome face too. 

TCM at a Glance: Science vs Chinese Medicine

Is Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture right for you? Wikipedia Scholars put an explicit effort to distinct Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture from other medicine that is based upon scientific knowledge. I think it is misleading as it may ambiguously associate TCM to a less predictable and less effective treatment option. Having said that, that statement […]


Look forward to share with you the wisdom and beauty of classical Chinese medicine.

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