Gary Chan founded Burnaby South Acupuncture Center in 2018. He has practiced Chinese medicine and energy healing since 2006. (Unlike western medicine, oriental do not further divided into subcategories like internal medicine, surgery, genecology, paediatrics’…. There is only one kind of balance, so there is only one Chinese medicine)

Once Gary was asked what is the one tip would he give if someone asked him for health advise. Without much hesitation, he said “Having the proper context of life first and live accordingly. The shoot will be strong given the root is fitting.” This is a perfect illustration of the Spiritual nature of his medical practice. Using the holistic understanding, he will help you find balance again in your diseases and suffering. He uses different modalities (including acupuncture, herbs, energy healing techniques and etc…) to tailor an individualize approach for each patient. With a vision of transforming patient’s life, Gary attracts a lot patient with similar awareness. He is passionate about helping his client to grow and live healthy, suffering free lives.

Gary graduated in International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Vancouver as Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2006. He interned at The Second Affiliate Hospital of An Hui in China and a private TCM clinic in Hong Kong. He has also completed advance training in other therapies like Dr Tan’s balance method acupuncture, Classical Chinese Medicine Acupuncture and Matrix Energetic

As a keen spirit, he is always learning more about natural medicine and spirituality. These fuel his passion and excitement in giving best patient care (or human interaction.) On his time off, Gary also enjoy nature and intelligent conversation.

Burnaby South Acupuncture Center is the first location Gary practiced in the area of Burnaby, which he also currently resided in. Located at the beautiful Alta Vista (a.k.a South Slope) at the border of the commercial area (Metro Town) and quiet family oriented neighborhood. Parking easily available.

Burnaby South Acupuncture Center
is currently operated within Royal Treatment Therapeutics at 
#102 – 7777 Royal Oak Ave Burnaby, BC  V5J 4K2